Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Your Wedding Photographer

Weddings are insanely expensive – you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars on things you never knew existed before! It’s OK to cut a few corners here and there – make your own wedding favours, even make your own dress if you can – but do not cut corners on your photographer. You’ll regret it if you do, and here’s why:

You only do it once

OK, there’s the occasional second wedding, of course, but twice in a lifetime isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence! The biggest regret of many brides is that their photos are lacklustre and poor quality. Your wedding day is one of the few occasions when your entire family is gathered together, and a series of photos that captures these rare moments is priceless.

It’s not all about you

Doesn’t everyone else deserve to see some great pics? Of course they do. Future generations will love them as well and photos live on forever and provide grandchildren and great-grandchildren with images of their forebears.

An experienced wedding photographer can spot hidden moments

There’s all sorts of photographers – wildlife photographers, sports photographers, cars, children…they all have their expertise and so a wedding photographer can anticipate great angles and moves. They will know how to use the light from an autumn sunset as it comes through a church window, or how to get bickering flower girls to transform into cherubs.

Good photography can work miracles

So a couple cuts back the décor budget to hire the best photographer possible – good move. By clever use of light and angles (see above), a plain wedding can be made to look amazing. A good photographer captures the magical aspects of a wedding day – the glances, the jumping children, drops from a fountain on a wine glass. When you look back through these photos, you’ll forget all about the tight budget!

You won’t end up falling out with your snap-happy friend

It does happen. Your chum, who fancies himself a bit handy with a camera, steps in to save the day. Only he, err, doesn’t, because the photos are uninspired and technically flawed. He meant well, but he’s ruined the memories of your special day for you and your family, and your great-grandchildren. There’s no coming back from that.

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