What to Expect from Your Maid of Honour

Often, at a wedding, it’s all about the flower girls and the bridesmaid – as well as the bride herself, obviously – but the maid of honour gets overlooked somewhat.

If you’re planning your wedding, then you’ll no doubt know you need a maid of honour (MOH), but you may well be wondering exactly what her role is and what you should expect from her.

Your right-hand man (as it were)

In a nutshell, your MOH is your right-hand woman. She takes on the responsibility for organising your hen night, your bridal shower, keeps the bridesmaids in the loop and also acts as your counsellor. There’s a lot of planning to be done and she’s there to help you, remind you, tell you that your proposed colour scheme sucks, dry your eyes, keep that family member in check and generally pull everything together.

A keen eye for the details

If you’re chosen to be a maid of honour, know that it’s not only because Think about which of your friends is happy to discreetly tell you that your skirt’s tucked into your knickers, who always has safety pins, tampons and emergency deodorant in her bag. She spots problems and things that need doing and sets to them with diplomacy and understanding (see: knickers in skirt). At your wedding, she’ll see your blood sugar levels dropping and hand you a canape, she’ll sense if that family member is up to their old tricks and step in and she’ll keep the whole process moving along.

Logistical genius

Your MOH will be the main contact for bridesmaids and the parents of the page boys and flower girls, as well as for some of your suppliers. She’ll organise your shower and your hen night, as well as any other events like a spa weekend or pre-wedding pamper party. The other bridesmaids will help too, of course, but most of this responsibility falls to your MOH. This is why you need a calm and organised friend for this.

This seems like a huge role and while it is very demanding, if you choose the right person – someone organised and collected but warm and fun with it – then you’ll take a lot of the running around and stress out of your wedding. The right MOH can help to make your wedding – and the weeks beforehand – a day to remember for all the right reasons.

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