Wedding Trends for 2017

Wedding Trends for 2017

If you’re getting married in 2017 then chances are your planning is already well underway! You should have sorted out the venue and sent out preliminary invitations by now, but have you started to think about themes and statements for the ceremony and reception? No? Fret not, because here are some ideas for 2017 weddings that are certain to inspire you.

Mismatched – but perfectly-formed bridesmaids

No more squeezing a variety of body types into matching tartan puffball dresses – brides should let their maids have more of a say in how they look on the day. Suggest a general theme, like pastel, floral, vintage, and then let them use their imagination. If your girls look their best, they’ll perform at their best, right?

Ditch the cake

Try a huge mountain of profiteroles, or a tower of macaroons instead. As long as there’s loads of ice cream, or custard, who cares exactly what it is?

Tone down the palette

We’ve had enough zany for now; 2017 is the year of soft blush, powder blues and creams. This look is very subtle and elegant and works really well with…

…woodland and floral themes

Use lots of greenery and slices of wood, alongside artfully messy bouquets to make your wedding feel like a forest idyll.

Flower-print wedding gowns

Only if the rest of your wedding isn’t too floral, of course, but yes, a floral gown will get everyone talking and make a change from the usual white or cream dress!

Printed tablecloths and backdrops

Year after year couples opt for plain, solid-coloured table linens and napkins, so buck the trend and look for some interesting prints that back up your theme.

Lace wedding gowns

We’re talking thick lace here – maybe even crochet or ribbon-work to make the dress more substantial and give it more texture. This is especially effective in an outdoor setting as thicker fibres are more resilient and show up really well in photos.