Unusual Wedding Ideas

Of course everyone’s wedding is unique because it’s (probably) the only time those two people will marry each other! The bigger picture, however, is that weddings can blend into one another once you’ve been to a few, so do something to make yours stand out. Try one or more of these ideas:

Put your friends on the stage

When your wedding band takes a breather, replace them with some musical chums and their instruments for a change of tempo and a laugh.

You could also ask a friend who’s a particularly talented singer to perform a song, too. Just the one, though, it’s not their gig, after all…

Show your heritage

This could be in the form if the clan tartan, or an Indian print, or a batik design, sewn onto ring pillows, or your wedding stationery.

Celebrate your bridesmaid’s birthdays

Find out what birth month flower each of your bridesmaids has and use it as their bouquet. You could have a single colour to maintain the palette, or make them really individual.

Crowdsource memories

Place a large glass bowl somewhere at the reception venue and fill it with cards and pens so that guests can jot down their favourite memories of you as a couple.

Make it personal

Depending on how many guests you’re expecting, you could leave a handwritten note next to each person’s place card. You could thank them for coming a long way, or for helping you to find those shoes…

A home from home

If you’re getting married a long way from where you grew up, give people the chance to sample your home cuisine at a tasting station. If you’re from Brazil, offer feijoada, or Lancashire hotpot if you’re from Manchester.

Get quizzical

Your best man could host a trivia quiz about you both, with each table having to work together to answer the questions. Make sure there’s a decent prize.