Unplugged Weddings?

We’re hearing more and more these days about the trend of ‘Unplugged Weddings’, and the more we hear the more we love it, and we’re sure you will too.

Imaging Technology is everywhere these days, there are cameras in phones, tablets, even handheld games consoles (check out the guy filming the bridal waltz on his Nintendo DS above!). We’re noticing that at many weddings we film, a large portion of the guests are too busy staring at the back of their camera photographing or filming the event that they are not really ‘in the moment’. People are smiling, but they’re all staring at little screens.

Not to mention the blurry, unflattering iphone photo that gets posted to facebook for all to see before you’ve even left the reception!

The trend of ‘Unplugged Weddings’ stems from the bride and groom making a request that their guests leave their cameras at home – so that the guests can enjoy the moment and be ‘present’ with the couple throughout the wedding. By setting a precedent to leave the cameras at home, you’ll likely be happier with your wedding film (and photos) You’ll be left with your chosen professionals who aren’t obstructed by the heads or bodies of guests trying to capture a shot of the bride walking down the aisle or the couple’s first dance on their device. The lack of additional camera flashes will also result in nicer wedding imagery.


Trust us! With professional photographers and videographers working with you on your wedding day, we have got you covered!  We’re confident that we’ll provide you with better coverage and can guarantee that our image quality will be better than an iPhone or Nintendo DS  🙂   Trust in your hired professionalsand your professional results will be significantly better.


Okay, so an Unplugged Wedding might not be for everyone, perhaps you’ll be the first to tweet a photo of your georgeous hubby out to the social web, maybe you couldn’t bring yourself to stopping Aunty May from giving her old point and shoot a run.

If, however, you and your partner are looking for a few less beeps and a bit more face-to-face connection with your guests, an unplugged wedding could be a good fit for you.

Check out these great templates and ideas for an ‘Unplugged Wedding’ on Offbeat Bride:http://offbeatbride.com/2011/06/unplugged-wedding-templates

Inspiration for this blog post was courtesy of our good friends at DnM Wedding Films in Sydney.

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