Top ten tips to planning a wedding

The engagement has been announced, the congratulations accepted and the champagne has been raised in a toast. Now the fun bit, planning the wedding.

Notice I said the fun bit, in fact surveys have shown that people rank weddings up there with bereavements, losing their jobs and divorce as being the most stressful things they have ever experienced. But it doesn’t have to be, here are some tips to make planning your wedding easier.

Do not reinvent the wheel

Your wedding is unique to you, but a lot of the things you need to plan are the same across the board. Spend a little time researching and you will find there are to do lists and check lists for you. We offer a 50 point checklist to help you plan your dream day. Just pop your details into the enquiry form and that’s one detail ticked off your list already.

Forget perfection

You may have been planning this day forever, but this is only the first day of your married life. Saying ‘I want this day to be perfect,’ is fine, but crying yourself to sleep because your favourite flower is out of season and you can’t afford to have it flown in from a secret location in Europe is not.

Take one thing at a time

Sort out the date and venue, now the photographer, the food and your dress, now the music, and flowers. See you’re half way there already. It can seem so overwhelming. But take it one step at a time and it’ll be simple.

You are a part of team

A wedding is about two of you joining together to share everything from that day forward. So it makes sense that your future spouse should be involved in the planning, partly because it’s their day to, and partly because a problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t forget your relatives that might want to get involved. But at the same time….

Also the professionals involved in your day can offer advice and help you make those decisions providing a calm, neutral perspective. Draw on them, they are a wealth of knowledge and have done this many times!

Don’t forget that this is your wedding

Your mother thinks red is a terrible colour for a wedding theme, your partner’s father thinks a limo to the ceremony is a waste of money, he can take you in his battered old car, Aunt Maud wants to bring along her 12 offspring and all their children, not to mention do your flowers. Oh and your best friend, well she wants to take the photos herself since she took a one day photography course 10 years ago. Sound familiar, now is the time to call on your inner bridezilla, it’s your big day, no one else’s.

Use professionals

There is a reason wedding professionals can be deemed as pricey, compared to what your friend can do at home. They’ve got the experience, contacts and the know-how. We all know that a budget is important, but some things are worth paying for. Having a professional that knows what they are doing will ultimately take the stress out of the big day. You want to relax, enjoy your day, take it all in, not be worrying about your partner’s father’s car breaking down on the way, your best friend forgetting to take the lens cover off, or worry about whether Aunt Maud knows what she’s doing with your flowers!

Hire a co-ordinator for the big day.

Do you want to be organising the details on the day? Sorting out exactly where the cars will be parked, and why there’s no extension cord for the DJ. No? Well a day-of co-ordinator can handle all that. Or even better…

Hire a wedding planner.

Okay so this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you might really want to remain in full control of your big day. But think about your day to day job, think of all those short cuts you know, all those ways you save money that someone outside your role wouldn’t know about, and all those contacts you have. Well just think what a wedding planner knows.

Have fun

Remind me of another time in your life where you basically get to spend a year shopping, food tasting, wine tasting, looking at venues, dress shopping, shoe shopping. Enjoy the process and, I repeat, have fun!

Enjoy your wedding.

All the planning, money and stress comes down to this one day, your day, enjoy. Let the small things go and celebrate your love for the wonderful person that you are hitching your star to.

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