Theme or No Theme?

So, you’ve set the date, booked the venue and now people are starting to ask about your wedding theme so they can get suitably suited and booted. The trouble is, you don’t really have a theme, or you just don’t really want one. Or do you? Your mind isn’t even made up yet.

No bother. If you want a theme, though, you need to start thinking about it now. If you don’t, what should you do? It seems that every wedding for the past, well, forever, had had a theme. A well thought-out, well-executed and incredibly tasteful theme…

You don’t have to follow the crowd if you don’t want – your wedding is all about you and if you just want it to be relaxed and an extension of you and your fiancé, then go with it. However, even appearing artless and casual needs a bit of planning, so you’ll still need a professional hand with the styling.

Go with your space

You can’t even begin to think about your styling until you have your venue; this is partly because some venues are good to go as they are and if you add anything else, you’ll be overdoing it. Your space is the foundation of your styling, whether you’re planning low-key or not. Think in terms of creating a mood rather than a theme, though.

One good idea is to look at your style at home – do you love drapery and flowers or are you more minimalist? Is there a particular colour or fabric that’s very “you”?

If you’re wondering how to weave all these elements together, then here’s a few pointers.

Your tables

Think about what look or tone you can bring to each table through your plates and glasses, as well as the linen. Do you want all tables to be the same or different? If you’re keen travellers, one table could have an Italian theme, another a Malaysian, and so on. This all extends to place cards and menus, too.

Your flowers

The flowers are a huge part of any wedding, so take your time in finding a florist who you trust and then talk about which flowers mean something to you – for whatever reason.

Your menu

Then there’s the food and drinks! There’s no rules here – you could go seasonal, cultural or even hold a pot-luck type affair. Think about how it’ll be served and presented and how your waiting staff will look.

The small stuff

Think about what little details you can bring to the party – little favours, or personalised letters to each guest, for example.


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