The Top Five Biggest Wedding Mistakes

An Identikit wedding

You don’t have to have a Game of Thrones wedding theme, or get hitched while sky-diving, but please, enough already with the Corinthians “Love is Patient” schmaltz. Bring your own personalities into the wedding – it’s your biggest day! Make it reflect your characters.

Putting more emphasis on the reception

The actual point of your wedding day is to get married, right? You’d be surprised how many people spend loads of time – and money – on the reception, and entertainment, and accommodation and so on. Make sure you put just as much thought and effort into the ceremony (see above – nix Corinthians…).

Picking an MC out of a hat

You and your other half are the most important people of the day, but your master of ceremony and master of reception (DJ) are the next most important. You need an MC who suits your personalities and who is engaging and interesting. Your DJ needs to play to the crowd – if your grungy nieces are skulking in the shadows, they might appreciate a bit of Nirvana without alienating Gran.

Getting married with a hangover

Don’t have your hen or stag party the night before – it doesn’t work like that nowadays. Get the party out of the way and DO NOT DRINK the night before your big day. You’ll feel even more anxious and you might look rough. Worst of all, you may be sick, which isn’t a great look.

Not thinking about guests

Yes, yes, your wedding is about you, but it’s not all about you. Your guests have made the effort to be there with you on your wedding day, so you owe it to them to keep them well-fed, hydrated and comfortable. For example, if it’s a summer wedding and there’s a photo shoot, you need to provide water and shade. Likewise, if it’s a bit chilly or getting dark, provide blankets.

Going full Bridezilla

It’s a recent phenomenon – a bride-to-be turning into a tyrant and annoying just about everyone else involved in her wedding. Her wedding? There’s two people getting married and it’s possible that Bridezilla behaviour stems from having too much of the decision-making heaped upon one set of shoulders. The groom should take on some duties. It’s 2016, after all.


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