The Things You Need to Ask Your Venue

As if you didn’t have enough to do, you also need to play 20 questions with your venue! Don’t worry, this list of things you need to ask will save you time, hassle and probably money.

How many weddings will be held alongside yours?

Will you be sharing, or do you have exclusive use?

What’s the minimum spend?

Most venues do have a minimum spend and can, if your spend doesn’t quite reach it (maybe you have fewer guests than average), bump you up by adding in better wines, or a cocktail bar, for example.

Are you restricted to the listed vendors?

Many places have a list of approved vendors – florists, caters and so on – and some prefer you to work from that list. If you have someone you want to bring in, ask if it’s OK.

What’s included in the package?

Is the alcohol included? The linens, the flowers, the lighting… Ask for a detailed inventory.

Are there any restrictions on your decorations?

Can you bring some of your own? Can you move some of the features already in the venue? Can you use candles?

How much time do you have to set up and tear down?

If you’re doing all or most of it yourselves, how much extra time do you have before and after the event?

Is there a venue co-ordinator?

This is the person who’s in charge of the venue and makes everything go to plan for the venue. This is not your wedding co-ordinator.

If there is a venue co-ordinator, what do they do?

You need to know if he or she will set out place cards, confirm arrangements with your vendors, sort out a busted fridge… You need to know what they do so that you can cover what they don’t.

How big is the dance floor?

Is there already one there? How many people can it accommodate?

What sort of music is allowed?

Can you have a live band? How loud can it be? Can you just bring an iPod and an amp?

How much is it to party longer?

If you don’t all turn into pumpkins at midnight, how long can you go for?

Is there disabled access?

Make sure the venue has ramps and other help for mobility-restricted people.

What amenities are there?

Is there a quiet room for you and for younger guests? Air-con? Plenty of bathrooms?

Is there enough parking?

Can all your guests park on-site or will they need to go elsewhere?

Can you taste the menu?

This is important when it comes to choosing your options for the day.

Are there additional menu costs?

Such as corkage, BYO, alterations to the menu or for cutting and serving the cake.

Can they cater for allergies?

As well as vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free…

Are there meals for your vendors?

Your vendors have to eat! Do you feed them? Do they eat with everyone else? Find out what the policy is.

What’s in the fineprint?

Do you need to pay a deposit to secure the date? When’s the first payment due, what is the cancellation policy?

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