The Benefits of a Videographer

Everyone has a photographer at their wedding and they make sure that their budget can accommodate one – after all, there must be photos of the big day to pass down to future generations. No-one thinks twice about a photographer, but not many couples consider a videographer even once, but they should, and here’s why.

Videography is the future

Of course photos will never die – no-one’s trying to replace photography, but videos take people back in time to a special day. You’ll hear voices and laughter, as well as birdsong and music and this brings back more memories than a simple snap ever will.

It doesn’t have to last for hours

Your wedding day video can be edited down to the highlights so that you don’t have to sit for hours. You can ask for a slightly longer version for yourselves, then a short version for friends and relatives.

You can request stills
If your video has a particular scene in that you love, ask your vendor to make a still from it – they’re usually of high quality so you can use it as a print.
It saves memories that you didn’t know you had
Your wedding day passes by in a flash and you’ll miss things, or simply forget them. Having a video means you can see things essentially for the first time, even though you were there!

You might regret not having a video
More and more people will have wedding videos and you may regret not making your own. You won’t be getting married again any time soon, so seize the day – literally.

It’s easy to choose
Choosing the right videographer for you is easier than you probably thought. Find your local providers online and watch the samples on their websites. Check out sound quality, flexibility and style.

It’s also cheaper than you’d imagine
Videographers can offer different packages and may offer cheaper rates for winter or midweeks weddings. Shop around a bit first.