Seven Ideas for Unusual Wedding Favours

Edible and memorable

Sugared almonds are a bit old-fashioned now, so how about giving guests a gorgeous iced biscuit? They can take them home or eat them up there and then. You can make the biscuits yourself in advance and freeze them, before icing them a couple of days before the big day. A really good idea is to personalise them and use them as place-settings.

Everyone loves chocolate and you can get handmade Champagne truffles for a few dollars each – particularly useful if you’re having a smaller wedding. Wrap them in silver or gold paper if they’re not already beautifully presented to add a nice touch to each table.

Contact specialist delis in your area to see if they have little jars of unusual jams – quince, for example, or lavender. You can put each jar in a small silk bag and attach a personalised label to each one, with a special message that the guest will appreciate.

Another custom-made gift is personalised rock candy with, for example, the date of the wedding and the names of the bride and groom running through it. If you live coastally, or you have a seaside theme, what could be better?

Winter is coming…

A winter wedding can only be enhanced by mirrored tealight holder – this is a fact! Imagine walking into a room full of flickering candles! If you’re going for this sort of theme, then put one – lit – in everyone’s place and tell them they can take them home. The best thing about this sort of favour is that they last even after the flame has gone out and the confetti is swept away…

Lasting memories

Your guests will be able to remember your wedding day for years to come if you give them a jar or tin of wildflower seeds. Make sure your mix includes seeds from early and late-flowering species so that new blooms appear throughout the year.

Toys for the boys

It’s often hard to find favours for men, so why not take advantage of some silly props? Give the blokes some hats, wigs, fake moustaches, noses and glasses and let them have some fun with their cameras? It’ll be a great ice-breaker and makes for great photos, especially if you have a photo booth at your venue.

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