Saving for a Rainy Day

Everyone pictures their wedding happening on a balmy summer day. Sometimes, the summer can let you down. So if you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, you need a back-up plan that will help you to cope with damp surprises.

Ask your venue for help

You’ll tell yourself that it won’t rain, but that’s a bit foolhardy. Ask your venue if there’s a big tent, or a barn that can be decorated. If not, you may have to choose another venue, so pin this down before you pay your deposit.

Think about your own tent
If your venue doesn’t have a tent or marquee, but you really love everything else about it, you might be able to bring your own. It’ll be costly, but worth it for the peace of mind.

Start on Plan B early
You’ve got the date, so you know roughly what weather to expect. If you’re marrying in a rain-prone month and/or region, assume it’ll pour down and start planning from there.

Talk to your vendors
They’ve probably seen it all before and have some tricks up their sleeves to keep things moving smoothly whatever the weather. This reassurance is worth every cent.

Think about other weather extremes
It’s not just about the rain – if you’re marrying in the summer, you need to cater for heatwaves, so make sure you have cooling units in your venue and your Plan B tent.

Pre-warn guests
Make it clear on the invitations that there will be outdoors action, so people know to bring wellies and umbrellas. If your guests are prepped in plenty of time, you’ll feel much more confident about dealing with adverse weather on the day.

Enjoy it
Photos taken on rainy days can look amazing, and the rain might just make your day more memorable, especially if everyone piles into that barn for some hot chocolate! Be ready for rain and think about how you can make the most of it – incorporate it into your day.


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