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Spring and autumn are the most popular seasons in which to marry. The winter months tend to be the least popular time for weddings, although more and more couples are preferring to marry in June, July or August to avoid unpredictable and hot summer weather.

September used to record the most marriages nationally, but from 2010, October and March became the most popular month in which to wed. Generally, Saturday was the most popular day to get married. However, due to the memorable dates, such as 10-10-10, (Sunday 10 October 2010) saw the most weddings in one day with 2,454 couples tying the knot that day. This trend remains the most popular, with 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 will be the last time these dates will come into play.

There are on average around 120,000 marriages registered in Australia. With 26,800 registered marriages in Queensland. The trend toward civil ceremonies continues to grow, with 71% of marriages performed by civil celebrants.

So if you are looking around, with thoughts of getting married, and have a particular date in mind, then you can never start too early. Couples often ask who should they book first, I tell them everyone, if you want the best. Essentially they need the Celebrant, as without one there will be no marriage. They then need the Venue or Location, which concludes the most important items to cross off the list. Then work on Photographers, Videographers, Hair and Makeup, Dress, Flowers, Cakes, Transport, Music and so on.

Remember, to make your one day the best day, start now to bring together your complete wedding team, so as to avoid disappointment…  All the very best in your search and I look forward to meeting you soon. Bill Scurry Marriage Celebrant.

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