Ribbons, Detail and a Colourful Handle

A lot of brides picture their wedding days from the age of (well, let’s just say very young…) – mostly it’s about white dresses, festoons of flowers, a big church with a huge aisle and of course the picture perfect image of their future husband!!

In reality, a wedding ends up being a reflection of the couple – journey’s they’ve shared, experiences they’ve encountered and a certain style they’ve created together.  Weddings can generally be sorted into a few categories:  traditional (white, elegant, sit down reception and possibly a church), modern (white, elegant, sit down or stand up and usually a celebrant), boho (two or three tones, a sense of relaxation, sit down or stand up and most often a celebrant), quirky (loads of colour, lots of fun, a very relaxed reception and ceremony – but at the same time very special and bridal and most often a celebrant!)…the list goes on…

Apart from the look of the day, choosing your wedding suppliers is the one thing that plays on the couples mind from the get go.  There are many professionals who come together to create your dream day with your style and personality to inspire them.

However, even I would have to admit a photographer is the first decision you should make, and of course they are often at the top of the list when it comes to booking one the minute you’re engaged – the reason is simple.  Photographers capture your day of days.  Not just with a disposable camera from the $2 shop, but usually with two or three cameras, an assistant, a videographer in tow and at least 6 hours of dedicated concentration to make sure your photos are composed, well lit, considerate and that they capture your essence as a couple.  This means that the really good ones (and there are many) are snatched up very quickly, and can be fully booked before the year has even begun!

The next most important person to book or at least consult with is a professional wedding florist (I’m not sure many other professionals share that opinion, but I’m sticking with it because I’m passionate about what I do!!)  Personally I LOVE a couple that prefers to take a few chances and create something truly unique.  For a florist, the mention of ‘lots of colour’ or ‘bright blue ribbon’ makes us weak at the knees!  The one thing I will mention to brides in every consult is to think carefully about their choice of colour, the handle on their bouquet and the size/shape.

One of the reasons I love to work with photographers is because they have an uncanny knack of capturing all the small (but significant) details you have put into the styling of the brides bouquet, or the reception venue, or the ceremony arch…

The aforementioned going weak at the knees moment for florists comes from the realization that a) you can let your creative energy flow and make a truly beautiful, unique design; and b) that the work, time and effort put in, will be captured ever so expertly by the photographer as well!!

If you are getting married, you’re not particularly traditional, and you love a pop of colour, please oh please think about the handle of your bouquet as well, and whether you would like some texture, colour or extra special detail added!  It will be worth it in the end!  Make sure you book your florist as soon as you can so that you don’t miss out (especially in peak wedding periods like September or March).

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