Maximum Awks! Dealing With Different Situations

Maximum Awks! Dealing With Different Situations

Thankfully, society is becoming less formal and more relaxed. Many weddings take place in restaurants, botanical gardens and even farmyards. This has led to lots of etiquette rules being relaxed as well, but not all of them. There are still some perennially awkward situations that will throw themselves in your way and you will still have to deal with them in time-honoured fashion.

Telling colleagues that they’re not invited to the wedding

You need to address this shortly after you announce the wedding or else some people might think they’re being excluded. Explain that you’ve decided to limit numbers to close friends and family and that you’re keeping work and personal life separate.

You don’t like your wedding ring

This is very tricky indeed, as you’ll be expected to wear it for quite a few years! You might get used to it, but if you really don’t like it, then you need to discuss it ASAP. He’s chosen it with a lot of thought and so you need to be diplomatic and suggest alternatives rather than just nixing his choice. You could set a time limit – ten years, for example – before changing it. You must stay within the original price range, however.

Defying the mother-in-law

Try not to point-blank refuse her suggestions; she’s excited, after all. Let her in on your plans and see if there’s a compromise to be had. Let her have her head on some issues so you can have control over the ones that really matter to you.

Asking for money instead of gifts

It’s acceptable to do this now, but you have to be careful with your wording. Make cash gifts optional as some people will want to buy more traditional presents. You also shouldn’t mention it on your invitations. You could explain on your gift list that you’re saving for something and that cash gifts will help towards it.

Turning down your friend’s offer to sing at your wedding

Ask yourself if you couldn’t let her sing just a couple of songs before the main entertainment… If not, then be really appreciative but let her know that you have the music sorted already.

Disinviting someone

This should only happen under extreme circumstances. If someone has disgraced themselves then you might not even need to do this! However, if it’s due to downsizing, then you have to do it in person if possible; if it’s not possible, then a phone call followed up by a small gift is a must.



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