Last-minute Advice for Brides

Your wedding day is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, day of your life. While you can’t guarantee that everything will go perfectly, you can increase the chances of a successful day by employing a few strategies in the final few hours before it all kicks off.

Food and drink on your last day of freedom (just kidding)

This is one day (and night) that requires some decent sleep and a comfortable tummy. Go easy on the alcohol; you might think it’ll help to unwind you, but alcohol can disrupt sleep, cause bloating and, of course, give you a killer hangover.

The same goes for too much caffeine, and also unfamiliar foods or foods you know tend to – ahem – make themselves known for several hours after consumption. Try some plain chicken and steamed vegetables – easy to digest and good for you too.

Your beauty and make-up

This is a case of less is more, if you’re getting married the next day. Don’t try any fancy new face masks or washes. Just stick to what you know and if you’re after a dewy wedding morning complexion, just use a tad more moisturiser. Also, whatever you do, don’t panic about looking pale and hop onto a sunbed or slather on the fake tan. Just. Don’t.

In addition to this, make sure you are well-hydrated in the days leading up to your wedding. You can tell the difference, seriously. You should have exfoliated by now, too, so don’t be tempted to just give your cheeks and shoulders one last scrub.

First thing in the morning

You’ll be totally preoccupied with thoughts of hair, make-up, flowergirls, getting to the venue on time… Shtaap! And eat! This is not a day to skimp on breakfast – you need stable blood sugar levels to keep you calm and to sustain you.

Remember it’s a happy day, so try to have a laugh, have a dance with your family while you’re getting dressed. Just make it your own.

When you’re doing your make-up and hair, wear a zip-up top so you don’t have to take it off over your head – a common mistake!

You should also get your make-up artist and stylist to come to you and come armed with a schedule so you know what to expect – you’ll be a little bit on edge, so avoid surprises!

Last of all…

Pack an emergency bag containing plasters, scissors, a sewing kit, painkillers, diarrhoea pills and a deodorant. You won’t need them, of course, but one of your bridesmaids might…



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