Ideas for Winter Wedding Flowers

Just because we associate flowers and floral arrangements more with spring and summer doesn’t mean you have to forgo blooms if you’re getting married in the winter. Even the coldest part of the year can offer some gorgeous flowers and berries that can be combined to make a stunning and memorable set of arrangements and bouquets. Here’s a few ideas for those winter weddings.

Soft winter whites
It’s hard to resist the lure of the whites when you’re having a winter wedding. Even if there’s not much prospect of snow you can always dream of it and have this reflected in your colour scheme. You can opt for minimalist white arrangements for a modern touch, or hark back to decades (or even centuries) gone by and use creams, ivories and palest blush or blue pastels to create a soft focus look. You need to think about amaryllis, white lilies, orchids and anemones to make a soft and romantic look with hardly a touch of colour.

Vibrant berry reds
Red is one of the other classic winter colours and so red roses, poinsettias, amaryllis and red orchids are the ones to look for here. You could choose solid blocks of the same colour, or try a graduated effect – pink through to crimson, or yellow through orange and then red or plum for example.

Different textures
It’s not all about flowers – you could incorporate green lamb’s ear or dusty miller leaves for a frosty effect which is perfect among whites and reds. These leaves are perfect for standalone displays, bouquets and lapels.

Think outside the window box
It’s not all about the flowers, or even about the plants. You can use snowberries, or holly sprigs, in your arrangements. You could even use feathers or scraps of silk, especially in your buttonholes. A modern trend is to have crystal bouquets instead of flower ones, but you must make sure that every arrangement – from the standing ones to the buttonholes, have the same basic theme.