Ideas for Unusual – and Memorable– Wedding Cakes

Hold the icing

Forget the frosting and the icing and go naked! Have a tiered cake, made of lots of layers, and fill the layers with fondant, as well as berries or other seasonal fruit – go as unusual as you like.

Everyone loves chocolate

Vanilla frosting and buttercream is so over – a wedding cake just doesn’t have to be white and fluffy. You can have smooth shiny dark chocolate or a fluffy-looking fondant, even chocolate marzipan. The choice is yours.

Share the love

Instead of one great big central attention-grabbing confection, give each table a smaller cake, maybe with the guest’s names on, or even the table number! Make each cake different to encourage sharing and mingling.

Emblazon your cake with your favourite quotes

The quotes could be from your favourite songs or poems, or even from your wedding vows. With the advent of icing pens, your baker could get really creative!

Show off your sweet tooth to the max

Don’t stop at just the icing, add other sweets or chocolates to the outside of your cake. Try some truffles, or popular confectionary. You could even serve up lots of different pies and cakes on the table instead of one big cake.

Think outside the box

Traditionally wedding cakes are round, but this seems so old-fashioned now. Think about an urban-looking square cake, or even hexagonal or heart-shaped.

A cake apiece

You could serve your guests with individual cakes as you would with the other courses. Alternatively, fill a buffet table with lots of them and encourage a free-for-all (no throwing allowed, though!).

Hang your cake up

You could hang your cake from the ceiling (yes, really) or above the cake table. This might need some engineering brains, though, and you need to make sure it’s out of the way of children and slightly worse-for-wear grown-ups.

Big and small

Forget about average sizes and either super-size or go miniature and bijou. You could have a huge, person-high seven or more tier cake (some of the tiers might need to be polystyrene to prevent lower levels getting squashed, but imagine the wows!). You could go to the other end of the telescope and have a tiny, jewel-like exquisitely decorated cake instead.

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