Ideas for Spring Weddings

Ideas for Spring Weddings

Although summer is touted as the season to get married in, spring has a lot going for it too. Everyone’s feeling warm and fresh once winter has loosened its hold and the flowers are starting to bloom, so here’s how you can make the most of tying the knot in the season of life and new beginnings.

It’s all about the pastels

Wedding palettes are veering back toward the subtle and spring is the best time of the year to get your pastel on. Your bridesmaids could wear the same style of dress but each in their favourite shade, or you could have your stationery, table settings, floral arrangements – whatever you want – in pastel. The best hues are pale green and pink, but blues and gentle yellows work too.

Prepare for rain

It might happen and it might not, but spring showers are a possibility to give out wellies and umbrellas as favours and make sure there’s plenty of shelter in case of rain or hot sun – or both!

Strew the aisle with spring petals

Send your flower girls in a few minutes before you arrive to sprinkle spring petals up the aisle, it’s a nice touch and will give the guests something to talk about at the reception.

Have an in-tents reception (sorry)

It’s a bit too warm for being fully indoors, and maybe a bit too cool to go completely al fresco, so hold your (in-outdoor) reception in a series of desert-style Arabian tents, or yurts. People can dip in and out as they fancy. Just make sure each one is well-stocked with food and drink.

Rose petal jam as favours

Jam is more often an autumn favour, but you could break the mould and offer pretty little jars of rose petal jam, complete with floral labels and covers. You could personalise each jar, or add your names and the date of your wedding.

If you have any great spring wedding ideas, let us know in the comments.