How We Get Wed in 2016

How We Get Wed in 2016

Summer’s here and if you’re making last minute preparations for your wedding, you might be wondering how to stay on-trend for 2016.

Rustic looks

Barn-based weddings are still very much the order of the day, with farmyard-style accessories and decorations. Gingham table dressings, artfully-untidy bouquets, jam-jar vases, photo-shoots with horses and so on…

Shining through

Although rural chic is still holding strong, an emerging theme is metallic. Many brides are looking for ways to bring a bit of shimmer to the proceedings. Note “shimmer”, rather than sparkle – the idea is to have muted, soft metallic in tones like copper or bronze rather than glitz, bling and silver. This idea works well with dresses, both for brides and bridesmaids.

It seems that Steampunk has embedded itself firmly in the nation’s consciousness, and so there’s an industrial look making its way in – think pewter, brushed steel and so forth, especially for table centrepieces.

Cream bridesmaid’s dresses

In something of a reversal, brides are opting for bright or boldly-hued dresses and their maids are wearing white or cream.

A crown of flowers

Another new trend is for brides to wear flower crowns rather than veils and tiaras or headpieces. This fits in really well with a rustic theme if you’re going that way.


A keynote of 2016’s weddings is a monochromatic theme, with many brides choosing one colour to work with and using different shades throughout, or even just one or two. Subtle is the way to go for many.

A wedding in a national park

Taking the outdoorsy theme one step further is a wedding in a national park or even a rainforest. Thankfully, the Sunshine Coast has no shortage of places to hold an unforgettable outdoor ceremony, flanked by trees and maybe even a waterfall.

Long-sleeved gowns

For many years now, wedding gowns have been sleeveless, off the shoulder or strapless, and so it’s about time we rediscovered our love for the sleeve. Sleeves can be of the same fabric as the rest of the gown or lacy, three-quarter or full-length, it’s entirely up to you, but they’re right on-point!


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