How to Have an Easy Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are, thanks to our climate, a popular option. You can tie the knot almost anywhere you like, from a restaurant garden to a hillside. A restaurant garden isn’t much of a leap from the restaurant itself in terms of logistics, while getting wed on a steep slope at least a mile from the nearest electricity outlet presents more than one challenge!

No matter what your dream venue is, these tips will help you to carry your wedding of smoothly and in style.

Prepare for rain…

Make sure your venue has plans for wet weather, be they a marquee, or a rotunda or even a barn if you’re on a ranch or farm.

…and expect some heat

If you’re planning to get married off the beaten track, you may be scuppered by a drought-induced fire ban if roads are closed. Contact the local fire department to ask how likely a fire ban is and to explain how many guests you’ll have, as well as your catering plans. Let them know how long you’ll be there for and how they can contact you. Just in case things do get too dry and hot, then have a stand-by location ready in a town or city.

Here come the grills

If you’re using an existing venue, find out how well the grills work so you can get your barbie on. If your caterer is bringing their own full kitchen, including grills, make sure your venue allows them. Some older venues, especially out in the boonies, can sometimes have electrical issues, so make sure there’s a gas or generator back-up plan.

Look after your staff

You need to provide kitchen and waiting staff with a shaded area so they’re protected from the sun. You also need to protect the gas burners from winds so that food is cooked on time.

Send out the right signals

Check out how good the mobile signals are around your venue. If it’s a blackspot, or if there’s only one carrier in the area, then supply guests with a map in case they get lost. Your vendors and caterers will also need this map and if there’s a landline at the venue, disseminate it!

Do you need a permit?

Some areas need permits for public gatherings, whereas others only need permits for gatherings involving erections (of the tent kind…). Find out what you need as far in advance as possible.

What a load of rubbish!

Do you need to remove your own rubbish, or does the site have enough receptacles already? If you’re doing BYO drinks, then you need to sort out bottles and cans.

Outdoor doesn’t always mean informal

An outdoor do is more relaxed, but this doesn’t mean there’s no structure at all. You need to set some timings – the cake cutting, speeches, first dance and so on – so that people know what to expect and when.

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