How to Choose Your Perfect Cake

The time was that your choice of cake was easy – you had white icing over a fruitcake, there were swirls here and there and maybe some silver sugar balls if you were particularly fancy.

Now, however, there’s a dizzying range of wedding cakes and you can be as traditional or as boho as you want. You do, however, have to adhere to a few rules in order to get your best cake – whatever style you choose.

Start your quest early

Ideally, just after you’ve chosen your venue. Your venue will have an impact on the details of your cake. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, then you need tough, dry icing as buttercream will just melt off, taking a few trapped flies with it (ewww)…

Find a baker

Word-of-mouth is the best way, but going to wedding fairs is another because you can meet bakers and sample their wares without making any sort of commitment. Don’t be taken in by the amazing images you see online – make sure you get customer reviews as well. There’s no point ordering an amazing cake only to find out that your baker has a serious rep for being late!

Narrow your style down

Take a look at the cakes you’ve been pinning for months – do they have similar colours, themes, shapes, eras, even? If you can see a definite theme developing, then seek out bakers who specialise in that theme or style.

Meet your baker

Once you’ve found two or three bakers, arrange a meeting to discuss your venue, as well as your guestlist and date. You’ll also need to talk about themes and colour schemes, as well as flavours.

Talk money

You need to work out what your cake budget is and how much of your overall budget it takes up. For some couples, the cake is a small formality, for others, it’s a huge deal. The cost of a cake comes down to how complex it is and how many servings are needed. If you’re after a particular style but it’s very expensive (sugar flowers rack up the cost), then there may be a compromise.

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