How do You Know You Have the Best Wedding Planner?

When looking for your ideal wedding planner, you’ll interview quite a few before settling on the right one. You can speed this process up by asking the right questions, so we’ve picked out the most searching ones to help you along. Grab your notebook and pen and read on…

One. Can you foresee any problems with our chosen date, such as weather, travel and booked-up venues?

Two. Are you qualified and a member of a professional body? Are you involved in any on-going professional development?

Three. How many weddings do you plan every year? How many are you working on during our wedding month?

Four. Have you worked at our chosen venue before? How did it go? Do you have a good relationship with it?

Five. Our wedding might be outdoors, so what contingencies do you have for bad weather?

Six. Do we have to hire only the vendors you recommend, or can we hire someone you don’t know? Can you help us with finding and reviewing vendors and communicating with them? If there’s a problem with a vendor, will you be able to resolve them for us?

Seven. Which aspects of the wedding planning do you cover? Can you advise us on the aspects we’re responsible for?

Eight. Will you be present on the day or will it be one of your assistants or a colleague? Do you stay on site after the reception to oversee the dismantling?

Nine. Do you have different packages, or is every plan custom-made? How many meetings and phone calls are included in your package?

Ten. Do we get a budget breakdown which shows how our money will be allocated? If we change any plans, do you produce a revised budget breakdown? Are there any extra fees?

Eleven. What are your refund and/or cancellation policies?

Twelve. Can you give us a list of references? Can we contact previous clients to get their feedback, and do you have any videos or photos in your portfolio?

Thirteen. If there’s an emergency that prevents you from being at our wedding, what is your contingency plan? Can you provide an alternative planner? Who is this and how long have you worked with them?

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