Get the Wording Right

Once upon a time, wedding invitations were all pretty much alike – you’d have the same heavy white or cream card with scrolled writing and lots of formality.

Nowadays we’re much less formal and invitations are fun and as individual as the couple themselves. Fun fonts, jokes, images and so on… However, if you want to go formal, or inject some formality into your invitations, then you do need to follow a few rules:

  • write your invitations in third person;
  • the date and time comes before the venue;
  • the names of the couple and their guests are written separately from the rest of the text;
  • the locations of the ceremony and the reception also have their own lines;
  • your language should be very formal – “cordially invited…” and so on, and
  • the names of the couple’s parents should be included.

If you’re inviting children…

…you should check that the venue has all the right spaces and facilities before committing their names to paper – baby changing stations and places for older children to play. When it comes to writing the invitations, you should either mention every child by name or make it clear that the entire family is invited.

Your gift registry or wishing well

It’s unusual for couples to have lived separately before getting married nowadays, so a gift list including a coffee percolator and some placemats isn’t really necessary. What some couples prefer to do instead of a gift list is to open a wishing well, into which guests and well-wishers can put money and gift cards. Ideally you should put your gift list or wishing well request on a separate sheet of paper with the invitation and make sure you keep an appreciative tone – it’s not an obligation, after all. If you have some guests who are older and you know they like to do the more traditional thing of buying gifts, then make sure there’s a few options there for them, like artwork or a breadmaker.

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