Five Things the Bride Must do Before Her Big Day

When there’s only a week to go before you say “I do,” there’s a few other things that you simply have to do to make sure your wedding and the reception goes without a hitch. Read on for a quick to-do list for the final run-up!

Confirm your wedding day beauty appointments and get your hair and nails done. Buy the polishes you’re using so you can fix any chips or smudges. It’s best to get your manicure and pedicure done one or two days before the big day.

Pick up your dress – after one last fitting, that is. This will give you time to arrange any last-minute alterations.

Break in your shoes. Practice walking and – most importantly – dancing in them. Ask yourself if they really fit comfortably and if they don’t, just get some different ones. You’ll thank yourself, believe us!

Have a ring-around to mop up any late responders and not-quite-sures. This is important, as you also need to…

…tell your caterer and venue-provider. You also need to finalise your seating plan. When your seating plan is perfect, you need to share it with your venue manager and your caterer.

You also need to make sure that your photographer has a list of the important shots you want. Your DJ should have your song list, especially your first dance song, and your venue needs to know when caterers, DJs and your photographer will be arriving to set up.

You should already have your escort cards ready, but if you haven’t, you could always get crafty and make your own. It’s actually very therapeutic and will help to quell the inevitable jitters.

If you haven’t written your speeches, toasts or vows, now’s the time. This item involves the groom as well. You do not want to be ad libbing after a couple of glasses of fizz…

Get together an emergency kit. We’re talking dress-tape, safety pins, plasters, a sewing kit in different colours, sanitary wear and painkillers. You never know when you’ll need it.

On a happier note, pack your bag for your wedding night and get someone to deliver it to your hotel. Likewise, get honeymoon supplies in – including less glam items like bug repellent and high factor sunscreen.


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