Find the Perfect Accommodation for Special Guests

At every wedding, there will be some guests who have travelled a long way, often from abroad, and so they’ll need somewhere to stay for at least one night and usually more.

Of course it might not be possible for the bride and groom to put them up, so the next best thing is for the happy couple to make a list of the best places and include it with the invitations. This means guests can make their arrangements more easily.

Staying at the reception venue

The first port of call should be the reception venue itself, and many venues ask that a minimum number of bedrooms be booked, so encourage guests to stay there before suggesting other places.

Range of prices

Usually, guests pay for their own accommodation, so there should be a range of prices to suit all budgets. It’s also a good idea, if there are a lot of out-of-towners turning up for a few days, to ask for a discount on a block booking. Guests should sort this out between themselves, though, otherwise the happy couple might be liable for any no-shows.

A home from home

There’s always some guests who can’t quite afford the travel and the accommodation and so it’s wise to enlist friends and family with a spare room or even a comfortable floor.

It’s vital, however, that the guests are a good fit for the host family, otherwise things can get a bit fraught. So, for example, send a family with young children to another family with young children, or at least someone who likes children. If the guests are more senior, find someone in their age group if possible.

To make things easier, introduce guests and hosts to each other (online if necessary) as soon as possible and encourage them to get to know each other a bit beforehand. A great idea is for the guests to bring the host’s favourite treat with them, especially if it’s from overseas and is hard to come by!

Shop around

Help your guests – and yourself – by using a price comparison site to get the best rates. This is not something you can leave to chance, so it’s important to start the process off as soon as the date’s set.

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