Easy Fitness Tips to Get You Ready for the Big Day

Easy Fitness Tips to Get You Ready for the Big Day

On top of all the other things you have to organise for your wedding, you also need to get a bit fitter than you already are. Whether you want to shift a few stubborn kilos or get killer abs and arms, you’ll have a target in mind. Finding time to work towards it is a different matter, however, so you need to plan and motivate!

Write it out

Write your aims and plans for the day in your diary; you want to do four minutes of squats while you clean your teeth? Get it written down and if you only manage two minutes, pencil the outstanding two in for another day.

Move in the morning

If you leave a quick workout until later in the day, it could easily get lost among meetings, commuting, coffees and other daily tasks. Get your high-intensity workout done in the morning; then, not only is it done, but it’ll boost your metabolism for a few hours.

Stay hydrated

Staying well hydrated is the key to lots of health benefits. Your skin will be clearer, you’ll be less tempted to fill up on junk and you’ll have more energy. Get yourself a reusable water bottle and try to drink at least 1.5 litres a day.

Plan it forward

Think about what you can do to make your fitness schedule easier. Those squats when you’re cleaning your teeth. Genius; but don’t stop there. Make double portions of healthy stew and take some into work instead of relying on the horrible sandwiches from the corner shop; walk home rather than bus it so you’re more likely to meet your 10,000 steps for the day. Think, plan, achieve.

Change your diet

Get rid of excess sugar from your diet, then look at salt, additives and unnecessary carbs. Don’t think about a crash diet, just make healthy adjustments that won’t leave you starving and weak. Swap out white bread for brown, whole milk for skimmed, quinoa instead of rice…

Workout with a bridesmaid

If one of your bridesmaids wants to get fit, why not schedule in a couple of workouts a week? You can discuss plans and details while you’re at it – how’s that for multi-tasking?

Take a break now and then

Have a bath, or a sauna and forget all about it. One of the causes of Bridezilla Syndrome is the relentlessness of the planning. Take some time out and just be yourself.


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